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Reasons To Join

What is AffClub?

AffClub is the affiliate network for the AffClub brands owned by GVC Holdings PLC. It allows you to promote brands such as,,,,,, and

Why should I join AffClub?

AffClub’s Affiliate programs have already seen many Affiliates rake in millions. AffClub Affiliates benefit from having the highest earning potential of any online gaming Affiliate network. Why? Because AffClub’s brands attract the highest number of players, and having more players increases your potential for Affiliate revenue.

What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate relationship is a partnership between the merchant - AffClub, and you - the Affiliate.
When you or real money players (RMPs) and/or your Sub-affiliates generate revenue, we, AffClub, will reward you with revenue share (Percentage Payment Plan) and/or cost per acquisition payments (Per Sign-up Plan).

What is an Affiliate network?

It’s a partnership between AffClub - the merchant, and you - the Affiliate partner. AffClub gives you payment rewards on the revenue that your referred players and/or sub-affiliates generate via our gaming brands.

How does an Affiliate network function?

You promote one or more of the AffClub's brands via your own online marketing activity. When you refer real money players to AffClub's brands, you will be rewarded for the activities of those players via a Per Sign-up Plan or Percentage Payment Plan. AffClub will supply you with the marketing tools and materials to help you achieve maximum revenue generation.

Can I promote more than one client/brand?

Absolutely! You can now promote all our world-leading AffClub brands -,,,,,,, and NobleCasino from the AffClub network! See complete details of our Payment Plans for more information on cross-promotion between brands.

How do I join?

It couldn’t be easier to become a AffClub Affiliate. Just complete and submit the Registration Form in the 'Join Now' section. You must also enter into our Standard Affiliate Agreement

Who can join the AffClub Affiliate network and become an Affiliate?

The network of Affiliates is open to anyone who wants to promote the AffClub brands. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Are there any fees or costs for joining the AffClub Network?

No. There are no sign-up fees or charges for joining.

How do I know if my site is eligible to join the AffClub network?

We reserve the right to refuse any site that contains objectionable material, including pornography, explicit language or content that infringes ours or other third parties’ intellectual property or supports violent or discriminatory groups.

What is a Real Money Player?

Real Money Player(s) are any person who is attached to your Tracker (or where applicable, your Sub-Affiliates Tracker) who: (i) has not been a Player with us before; (ii) who has made the minimum required deposit; (iii) is not located in the United States of America or in any other territory which we specify as being a restricted territory; (iv) is accepted as a player under any applicable sign up or identity verification procedure which we may require; (v) any other qualification criteria that we may introduce from time to time.

Why are United States residents excluded for the definition of Real Money Players?

As of 2nd October 2006 our definition of Real Money Players will no longer include players who are located within the US. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 will prevent us from accepting U.S. consumer deposits for the purpose of betting or wagering. Since we will not be able to generate any revenue from new or existing US players in the future, we will not be able to pay out any revenue share for existing users or CPA payments for new users coming from the US.

I would like to feature your brands on more than one website. Do I need to complete a separate application for each site?

No. You can include all of your website URLs when you register as an AffClub Affiliate. Later, if you would like to add a new URL, you can do so by creating additional Tracker IDs.

Are there different ways in which I can be paid?

Yes. We offer a choice of payment plans that will enable you to earn unlimited income by promoting the biggest, most successful online poker rooms and casinos in the industry. As an AffClub Affiliate, you will earn revenue for every qualifying real money player (RMP). Click here for more details.

We offer Affiliates three payment options to maximize your earnings:

1. Per Sign-up Plan

Want to see an instant return? Earn up to $75 per real money player! As soon as you refer a real money player to any of the brands featured in the AffClub Affiliate Network except, you will receive an instant, one-off payment.

2. Revenue Share

Want a share of your RMPs Monthly Gross Revenue?

3. Sub-affiliates

Why not build your own AffClub Sub-affiliate network? Recruit Sub-affiliates and receive a share of the revenue from their players!

More details available on our commissions page

AffClub operates an attractive Sub-affiliate network that allows you, as our Affiliate partner, to recruit new Affiliate partners to work under you.

Can I switch existing Tracker IDs payment plans?

No. Once a real money player has registered via one of your Tracker IDs, he or she is linked to that particular Tracker ID and its associated payment option. You will not be able to switch the payment option attached to your Tracker ID.

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